5 Important Things That Can Help You Choose Web Designer

You can make your online business a success by choosing the right web design for the job, whether you are starting a website or updating an existing one. What makes a web designer great in your opinion? To help you narrow down your choices, we’ve compiled our top 5 tips to choose a web design.

1. Set a budget

It is a matter of “the more money you spend, the better you get” when deciding on a budget for web design.

Most web developers and designers work on a time-based basis. The web designer or developer will review your requirements and determine how long it takes to complete the job. They then multiply that number by a daily, hourly or weekly rate. Ask them to give you a list of their hourly or daily rates if they quote less than others. If they charge a similar rate but are charging less, you can be certain that they will spend less time researching your business and completing the website to a high quality standard. The industry average is around PS300 per day or PS50 an hour.

It’s important to determine how important your website really is before you spend. Are you just looking for an online presence to be done? Or could it be a significant source of income for you?

Is it possible that you underestimate the number of people who search online for your products and services if you don’t view your website as an asset? Google offers a keyword planning tool that can help you determine how many people search for particular keywords or phrases. This tool can help you understand how much exposure a website can provide.

2. Can they offer ongoing support?

While you will get a higher hourly or daily rate from small businesses with lower overheads, you may also get less ongoing support due to a smaller pool and skill set. Do you think you are being left in the dust by a one-man band that leaves you behind when they go on vacation? This could be a problem if your website is having problems and you require urgent support. Do you consider your website to be so critical that you might need 24-hour or out-of-hours support?

You can also test their support if you’re still unsure. Give them a call by picking up the phone! You might even ask a technical question to find out if they have the skills you need.

3. Take a look at their portfolio

A portfolio of websites is a must for any web designer. You can find similar functionality on other websites if you don’t have one of your own, or in a related industry.

You can search for designs you like but remember that not all designers are the same.

Think objectively. Take a look at the websites and think about whether you would like to use them if they were for you. Are you impressed enough to contact the company? Is it simple enough to reach them?

4. Get testimonials

There is no better way to get a recommendation than to speak to someone who has worked with the designer. You might call some companies that your potential web designer has created websites for and ask them about their best work. It takes only a few minutes to get their attention.

  • Were easy to work with?
  • Did they complete the project on-time and within budget?
  • Did they deliver on their promises?
  • Are they able to provide long-term support?

Designers may also use third-party online review platforms to get genuine feedback from customers. These are common practices so you might try to search online for reviews and feedback.

5. Don’t discount your previous web designer

Web design is often viewed as an art form. If you return to your original designer, it will result in something very similar to your current website.

A good singapore based website development or graphic designer should be able create a wide range of designs according to the needs of the project. Your own style should not be considered a major factor. This industry is fortunate to have such a fast-moving technology. Your designer should be able to create a website in a matter of months, provided they keep up with the times.