Best Rise of Kingdoms Game Secrets

RISE OF THE KINGDOMS – Lost Crusade is a new genre of high-quality, global multiplayer online strategies for mobile devices. Game Genre: Strategy. We have compiled pumping tips from top players, developers, “answers for gamers” questions, guides and secrets for beginners from the official website. Attention! The Wise Geek website keeps being updated. Please visit us often.

Rise of Kingdoms Which nation (civilization), to choose at the beginning?

You must decide at the beginning what strategy you prefer to use for the game. Japan uses expansionist tactics. For instance, from the beginning, Japan’s attack on troops increased by 2% and reconnaissance speed on the march increased by 30%. This is in contrast to the baseline value. It’s easy to predict that the Land of the Rising Sun’s unique commanders will be the samurai. You will get bonuses for the building-defensive pumping style: protection of the infantry base increases by 5% and food collection gets a tenth bonus.

China is the most balanced country. It is better to protect all troops by 2% than defend or attack 5% with only one army. All four types of troops will be involved in the game, and they all have to attack. All resources must be collected from the Chinese at 10%. A build rate of 2% is a key feature. Construction will never stop. However, they don’t offer any significant advantages for either side. They are not as important as what buildings or research can provide.

You will start with a small village, which you must rebuild and improve. To be able to achieve all historical milestones and indicators, and to gain access to the technological tree of more RAID guides here for the Rise of Kingdoms which is based on the level and presence of the buildings, it is necessary to have the right buildings. Stone, wood, gold, and food are the main resources as a standard.

Wood and stone are essential for building and upgrading new buildings. A well-established gold industry is essential for building a strong army. Without many farms, it is impossible to feed the current civilian population.

Building mine. Completing the initial quests will earn you rewards and more resources. Hire the commander of the Tavern and break up the barbarian gangs with a few soldiers – this will allow you to start the game.

You will also be granted a hero with epic qualities. Each character has its own unique characteristics. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t like the hero of one country. After playing for a while, you will be able to create the character you want and then use it in military campaigns.

You also have the option to choose the design of future buildings when you choose a civilization. It’s possible to change the nation for rubies but it’s not cheap.

How to enter gift promo codes for Dawn of Civilizations

Click on the character icon at the upper left to enter your gift code. Next, go to the settings. Click on the icon “Atonement”. (The game’s terrible translation is not available). Enter the code in the window that opens.

Heroes of Rise of Kingdoms: Pumping and the best bundles

Many heroes can be found in the game. Most of them are obtained by opening chests at a tavern, or passing on a company. You should note that they are broken down into four levels of quality.

  • Advanced (green).
  • Elite (blue).
  • Epic (purple).
  • Legendary (gold).

Fighting the barbarians on a map and using the folios knowledge can increase your hero’s level . This will allow you to discover talents that can give you a great gain in terms of characteristics. You can increase the rate at which resources are collected by 50%. The level can also be increased to increase the army size, which he is able to command.

You can get a star at levels 10, 20, 30, 40, and 50. This opens up new skills and allows you pump levels further. After reaching level 20, the Hero is able to form bundles with other heroes by opening the 3 stars. Learn more about the effectiveness and benefits of these bundles. Spending star sculptures can open stars. It is inefficient and not financially profitable to spend sculptures of heroes on the raising of stars. To open a new star, more sculptures will be needed for heroes who have stars. The more valuable the hero is, the more difficult it will be to find him sculptures of stars.

Stars open up the skills of heroes, as it is said. These heroes pump each skill through their sculptures. They are unique. There are also universal sculptures. Each skill is divided into 5 levels. There are total 20 levels for each of the 4 skills. Each skill is improved in a random manner.

The green (advanced), is quicker and easier to pump than the legendary heroes. Their skills are much less powerful than those of the legendary heroes. You should therefore download legendary and epic heroes as much as possible, to avoid unnecessary pain.

Where can I get elements for pumping? (folios full of knowledge, sculptures featuring stars and heroes)

  • The map will be dominated by the barbarians. The more difficult an enemy is, the more it will give you folios. Many people bring forts from the barbarians.
  • The mysterious merchant at the switchboard.
  • In the chests in the taverns and the cave.
  • The expedition store.
  • Participation in promotions
  • In the gifts-store alliance
  • To perform tasks.
  • For real money and precious stones

Each hero has a unique role: defense, attack, support, and collection of resources. Resource collectors are the most valuable at both the beginning and the highest levels of the game. You will get the largest share of the resources needed to develop your city. You can fully supply yourself with raw materials by pumping and using these heroes. These heroes aren’t very useful in combat but they are essential as miners. You can pump their talents as shown in the screenshot. At level 26, you will already have +50% to any resource collection rate.

These heroes are

  • Cleopatra VII (yellow).
  • Jeanne de Arc (purple)
  • Guy Mari (blue).
  • Sharka (blue).
  • Constantia (blue).

You can create bundles of two heroes starting at level 20. One should not get too excited – a bundle of 2 heroes can be formed starting at level 20. The active (first) skill that the second hero has in battle works after the same skill the first. The passive skills of the remaining three heroes are just an added bonus.

How do you teleport in Dawn of Civilizations?

There are 4 types of teleport in the game:

  • The Starter’s Teleport can be used up to the level 8 town hall. Learn how to properly use them.
  • Teleports on the territory- teleports your city to any place on the territory of the alliance. This is required when you join a new coalition. All bonuses and joint attacks are conducted on the territory within the alliance.
  • Target Teleport – Teleports the city from any point on your server (kingdom) to any location.
  • Random teleport – teleport escape. If you are often attacked, and there is no defense, then take advantage of this teleport. Everything will be fine.

It is very easy to teleport across the kingdom. If you have a teleport, you will need to find it in the items. Teleports can be found in the “Other” tab. Clicking the “Use” button and selecting a teleport will take you to the kingdom map. You can then choose a new location for your city. There are some restrictions. You cannot teleport to mountains, rivers or forests, barbarians or other players. Only teleport to a flat area. Depending on whether you have a new territory, the teleport through that territory or the target portal is consumed will allow you to get up. If a new location under the city is available, the circle will glow green. When it’s busy, the circle will glow red. You do not have to participate in the random teleportation of a new location.

How do you change the server (kingdom) in Rise of Kingdoms?

Only a newbie Teleport can allow you to change your kingdom (server). The teleport will disappear after the game has started. This time should be used with maximum efficiency. Teleporting to a new Kingdom requires certain requirements:

  • Town Hall Level 8 or Below
  • There should be at least one teleport starter on the property.
  • All march queues remain inactive.
  • You cannot participate in any war.
  • There was not a single reinforcement.
  • Teleportation should not exceed 2 characters in any kingdom.
  • You cannot be part of any alliance.

If the teleportation succeeds, the game will automatically restart and your city will appear randomly in the chosen province.

Try to boost your town hall 8’s level to its maximum after the game starts. This means that you must rebuild all buildings at the highest level possible, produce large armies, do all research, supply the heroes with resources, and pump them all. This is essential in order to allow the new server immediately join a strong alliance and become one of the most powerful players in the kingdom. You must use a novice teleporter to teleport to the new kingdom.

How do you start a new Rise of Kingdoms game?

A character cannot be deleted in Rise of Kingdoms. However you can restart the game. You can create new characters to do this. Click on the icon at the top of the screen to access the settings. Click on the screenshot to select the server where you wish to play. After the game restarts, you can choose a race to start.

It is not possible to create a third character within the same account for the same territory. To change your account you need:

  • You can delete the game from your device.
  • Register for a new Google Play account or Facebook account.
  • Reinstall the game.
  • To sync data, link the game to a Google Play or Facebook account.

Alliance: we get maximum benefits

There are many benefits to joining the alliance. You will benefit greatly from joining the alliance early on. Strive for the strongest and most active alliance within the territory.

First, players from the same alliance work together to construct buildings, conduct research, and treat troops. Based on percentage (building level), +4. Your fellow soldiers can reduce the building’s construction by 14% at the 10th level. You can apply for individual loans to help you get through the alliance store.

Second, the Alliance allows you to make joint attacks against barbarians, forts and other players. These enemies are very rewarding for victory. The screenshot shows the rewards for the occupation of the sanctuary’s first occupant. After the construction of the “Castle”, you can collect joint attacks. To hit enemies, your level will determine how many lads you can gather. All those involved in the attack will receive the rewards. Attacking a member of an alliance is considered an attack on the whole alliance. Therefore, noobs should dare to embark on such dangerous adventures.

The third benefit is that the alliance’s territory accelerates the collection and distribution of resources in its fields. This will protect you against unwelcome neighbors. The alliance’s territory contains resource points that provide resources for all its members. They only need to be collected periodically. Click on Alliance> Territory> Capture to collect resources from the alliance.

Fourth, all members can benefit from alliance research. These studies have a great impact on speed, attack, defense, construction of troops, collection of resources and pumping commanders. Participation in these studies is important. For their active participation, commanders are rewarded with good monetary rewards. Take a look at this screenshot.

Fifth, alliance members who acquire a kit or destroy Lohar’s barbarian fort receive a gift from their alliance. Alliance gifts include various items, key points and gift points. Gift points can raise the value of gifts of alliance and key points reveal precious treasures.

As you can see, an alliance not only allows for communication but also significantly increases your chances to win in the game.

The city is built correctly

Building should never be stopped. The game has a lot to offer and they have many buildings. The total number of buildings in this game is 25. We recommend that you put up your longest buildings at night. Ask for assistance from the alliance after you have started construction. This will help to reduce the time it takes to upgrade buildings. Use the second turn to build and try quickly to obtain VIP-6.

Town Hall is the central building in your city. This magnificent landmark is also an important institution. It controls construction, resource collection and technology research. It also trains troops and oversees the building of other structures. It is the most important building in the game. This building’s level determines the maximum height of all other buildings. It should therefore be improved as soon as possible.

Buildings for mining

Farm Our intelligent ancestors prefer a sedentary lifestyle, which focuses on raising livestock and cultivating crops. This is how the Neolithic era saw the first agricultural communities emerge 12 thousand years ago.

Sawmill Forests donated by nature. Sawmills are a way to make manmade wonders from wood. However, it is quickly lost due to intensive logging.

Quarry Stone is extracted from the quarries. It is well-known that Stone Age stone was used extensively to create tools for piercing and cutting. These products opened a new chapter of technology development.

Gold mine It is impossible for us to determine when gold was first mined. Brilliant artifacts have been a symbol for nobility for thousands of years. From Georgia’s oldest known gold mines to modern-day mining combines, Gold still attracts everyone!

You must collect resources from mining buildings at minimum once every 10 hours. Otherwise, the production of resources will cease. It is easy to collect resources from buildings. Click once to get the resource. It is possible to construct 4 different types of mining buildings.

Troop training

Barracks were previously built for elite troops, such as the Roman Praetorian Guard. According to historical records, the way that military camps have lived over many thousands of years has not changed.

The archery shooting range was created in the late Paleolithic period. While archers were already known back then, shooting ranges – places where archers can train – were created by social and military forces.

The stable holds the key to strong horses and powerful cavalry. In ancient Egypt, the oldest stables were discovered.

The siege workshops produce siege machines. These are devices.

used to demolish or defeat city walls and fortifications during a siege. The first similar devices were the rams.

The training in all military buildings should not be stopped. Only exception to this rule is when the building is being improved. It is crucial to upgrade low-level troops by spending the extra time and resources.

Buildings of the Alliance

Center Alliance is used to get assistance in reducing construction times, treatment of troops, and research. Higher levels of construction will receive more assistance. War is the continuation and expansion of politics. Only diplomatic relations can guarantee the long-term growth of civilization. The Alliance Center can help you find a alliance that you can join in order to conquer new lands.

Castle – serves as a meeting point for allies to attack the enemy together. You can collect more troops the higher up the castle. After the fall of the Carolingian Empire, castles were created in the 9th Century. This led to the division between many lords or princes of its territory. These titled individuals built castles to protect the territories around them. The lock was also used as an offensive and defensive structure.

Trading Post – This is used to send and receive resources from friends or allies. Here, taxes are crazy! Trading posts have been around since the beginning of trading. These posts may be open daily or only on certain days. They all play an essential role in our daily lives. Trade routes are the roads that lead to or from a trading post.

Defensive and military buildings

Walls serve to defend the city against enemy attacks and to assign heroes. There are many rules for defense in the city.

  • The ruler can direct the garrison commander towards the garrison service at the wall. The garrison commander will direct the troops to defend a city when it is attacked.
  • Garrison Commander Buffs can be stacked with City Buffs.
  • The wall will automatically place the top-ranking commander, if the garrison commander isn’t selected or isn’t in the city, to the position of interim garrison chief until the chosen garrison commander returns or the governor is replaced.
  • The wall lights up after the enemy has defeated the watchtowers and garrisons. Also, the strength of this wall gradually drops. The strength indicator drops to 0. If it falls to 0, the city must be moved to another location.

Watchtowers attack enemy forces automatically. Watchtowers can absorb damage from the enemy when a garrison is attacked or a city is attacked. The enemy cannot be attacked if the watchtower is less than 10% healthy. The watchtower’s health is automatically restored at a rate 1% per minute. The watchtower’s health is a key factor in the protection indicators and attack of the troops. The lower the attack and defense indicators, the worse the condition.

Hospitals can be used to treat severely ill patients. The fate of seriously wounded soldiers depends on their situation (in battles against the barbarians your troops will only sustain small losses and are therefore excluded from this list).

  • All seriously injured troops will be admitted to the Hospital during the defense of the city against enemy attacks.
  • Half of seriously wounded soldiers will die immediately during the defense of the city, or construction of an ally against enemy attacks.
  • All seriously injured troops who are wounded in battle at the Resource Points or in the wilderness will be admitted to the Hospital.
  • All seriously injured troops will be transported to the Hospital during the battle against the enemy near the Shrines Altars and Passages of the 1st levels.
  • Half of seriously wounded soldiers will die in combat near Chapels or Passages on the 2nd Level.
  • All troops seriously wounded during battle near the Lost Temple and Passage of the 3rd levels will instantly die.
  • All troops seriously injured will be killed immediately if the city is attacked or a new alliance is formed.
  • The Hospital will not be able accept severely wounded soldiers if it is full. They will also die from lack of space. To avoid any losses, make sure to improve the Hospital.

The tavern is where heroes, their statues, and other resources are found. Heroes don’t come from nothing. The owner of a pure, noble heart will always be there to help you overcome any obstacle. You can meet many different people in the tavern, including a commander who may be able to help you rewrite historical events.

The warehouse guards your resources against being robbed. Early civilizations used storage pits to preserve food and leftovers. Later storehouses were made of rectangular stone and had lower floors than earlier warehouses. The roof also had an overhang to protect walls from heat or moisture.

Buildings for trading

This shop is for building purchases and it is most profitable. A true merchant may only appear once in a while and lasts for 2 hours. However, this is sufficient to purchase cool goods for the traditional resources (wood and food) or crystals at huge discounts.

If you have the resources, buy them. They can be easily carried in your bag, and are protected against robbery. You can often exchange them for good discounts. You can also buy other items that are essential for everyday resources.

You can buy any precious stone resource from the store. You can also get VIP glasses, teleport, and the second stage of construction. Depending on your VIP level, you can purchase items with discounts. One entrepreneur once said that the store would eventually be a place where customers can buy whatever they want. This has now become a reality.

Research and other buildings

You can conduct a variety of studies at the Academy. This will allow you to increase your basic indicators (attacks and defenses, loot, etc.) as well as open the best troops. There are two types of research: military and economic. The ancient tribes of the map can be used to research metallurgy. Many studies often focus on the development of the structure. The Academy is often left inactive because it does not make sense to accelerate research.

This is where our scouts live in this city. These brave trackers are willing to venture into the unknown, exploring the mysterious mists, and even getting closer to enemy bases. Their work allows us to gain valuable information that is vital for our development. Intelligence helps you see through fog and uncover ancient tribes and hidden caves. You can earn great rewards for cave exploration. Scouts can also be trained to spot enemy cities or other structures. Your wards will be easier to explore if they are built at a higher level.

The monument lists tasks for all players/alliances of the kingdom. For achievements, you are awarded good rewards and new buildings to attack (altars barbarians forts, aisles, and other building for attack).

Builders’ Hut is where hardworking builders reside and the only place you can manage construction queues. To add more lines, you can spend gems or use items to speed up the construction process. VIP-6 will allow you to access the second phase of construction at any time.

Bulletin board is a place that contains ads about buying or selling items, events and other information. Bulletin boards can be made of materials like cork wood, which makes it simple to add and delete messages. It cannot be changed after it is received.

A general review of Rise of Kingdoms

We are still playing strategy so the main focus of the game’s evolution is on two key aspects: rebuilding the head and base of side settlements as well as recruitment and development for the armed forces. This is done with the assistance of appropriate buildings such as the barracks or various heroes.

The hero is the most important unit in the game. As a bonus, you can hire him at the tavern.

It hurts to hear the word “donat”, many gamers are prone to clenching their teeth. But, it is not critical that the Rise of Kingdoms situation in this area is good. Donat is a useful place, but it doesn’t make the game any easier. It does not offer any advantages that can be replaced by online gaming. Crystals are not expensive. You can also get them from mobs as a reward or to be used in farming. Every player who is active but does not invest real money can get a bonus from time to again.

We must also pay tribute to the local government, who does not hesitate to give generous (in my view, almost too generous) gifts to new players. Developers are always inventing new in-game events, and other events that relate to the real world and the imaginary.

To return to the heroes, let me say that they can be classified in different categories (archer or swordsman, for example). They are also classified in terms of quality. The green is the simplest, weakest, and the elite gold. The quality of the hero is based on its ability to do damage and gain experience quickly. This will allow them to be eligible for the perks of development tree. The developers are working on a way to give the heroes unique talents and auras.

You can send scouts as your settlement grows, and you can do this starting at level 5. These scouts are required to create accurate maps and check the terrain surrounding your settlement, Terra Incognito (unknown).

This is the core of any gaming company. Scouts will help you find new settlements, independent villages and other players. If you have sufficient skill and technology, they can also attract people to your side. Scouts also look for interesting and varied loot-rich places. They are interested in the types of shrines, barbarian camps, and other technology that will keep you busy while you wait for the next building to be upgraded.